Okay, first up in our Meat Week challenges… we’ve got eight copies of Super Meat Boy to give away! (Four for Xbox 360 and four for PC through Steam). If you haven’t picked up Super Meat Boy yet, now is the perfect time to win yourself a free copy!

So how do you win? Well this challenge is actually quite easy… we’ll be giving them away randomly to members who “like” the Halolz Fan Page and the Level Up Studios Fan Page on Facebook! (Four on Halolz and four on Level Up). However the catch is, you also have to share this post on Facebook by clicking the blue share button in the bottom right corner of this post!

The sharing part may seem tedious, but it will actually mean that your odds of winning are way higher since you won’t have to compete with all 9,400+ Halolz fans on Facebook! (Speaking of which, isn’t it crazy the site has almost 10,000 fans on Facebook?)

Anyway, that’s all you have to do! You have 48 hours starting now to enter! Good luck! And be sure to MEAT the requirements!

Our winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Stephanie T, Robby G, Michael M, George E, Mike T, Jimmy B, Jonathan L and Becca K!

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