Excursion Funnels
Excursion Funnel – Click here to zoom!

Pneumatic Diversity Vent
Pneumatic Diversity Vent – Click here to zoom!

Aperture Science appreciates your willingness to take part in our highly rigorous testing procedures! Be assured, any and all sacrifices you will make during this testing phase will aid the progress of science. Of course failure to comply with Aperture testing protocols may result in sudden onset of sleep, nasuea or sudden cases of death.
Source of these blueprints are unknown, possibly official wallpapers?

Thermal Discouragement Beam
Thermal Discouragement Beam – Click here to zoom!

Thermal Discouragement Beam
Repulsion Gel – Click here to zoom!

Aerial Faith Plate
Aerial Faith Plate – Click here to zoom!

Propulsion Gel
Propulsion Gel – Click here to zoom!

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