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[VIDEO] Angry Birds Strategy 47

[VIDEO] Angry Birds Strategy

The more you think about the world of Angry Birds, the less sense it makes! From Dorkly

[VIDEO] 80’s Valve Game Commercials 63

[VIDEO] 80’s Valve Game Commercials

I had no idea Valve was so ahead of their time! I should have picked these games up the first time around! By Gamervision



I’ve always felt the Terran’s early warning system leaves something to be desired. Also something comes out today… I can’t remember what. Definitely something. Oh right STARCRAFT II! I’ve only been waiting 11 years for that!


Team Fortress 2 – The Mac Update

Team Fortress 2… on Apple computers? Well now I’ve seen everything! I guess it’s okay though… you only need one mouse button to be a W+M1 Pyro! There wasn’t actually a “Meet the Mac” video… but if there was it would have been great! By edelseriman The official announcement video from The Mac Update! And you thought the Scout’s headset was for team chat? Nah it’s just helps him stay entertained while he bonks heads in. By Faremann Oh yeah, did you notice TF2 Mac players get an exclusive in-game item? If you’re an Apple user you may want to hop in and pick them up during their free TF2 weekend! And hey if you need a place to play this weekend, don’t forget we have our own server here on Halolz! And we’re totally Mac friendly! (In that we will shoot at you the same amount, if not more!)