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Donkey Kong: Origins 15

Donkey Kong: Origins

Oh. That explains things. By Zac Gorman.

You don’t know my mom. 37

You don’t know my mom.

At least ShadowXSonicBlazer420 knew how to treat her right. Via ExtraFabulousComics.

[VIDEO] Little Mac Punches In! 65

[VIDEO] Little Mac Punches In!

I bet he’ll be a real hit with the ladies. GET IT?

[VIDEO] Starbomb: Crasher-Vania 22

[VIDEO] Starbomb: Crasher-Vania

Another great track from the new album by Starbomb! This video adds an original comic with art by sekajiku and editing by DJmitchrocks!

Pokémon Crossing 27

Pokémon Crossing

Pokémon make great neighbors… except every time they make eye contact they must battle! An adorable Nintendo crossover by anna-earley! Submitted by Sadface

Trainer A sends out Honedge! 30

Trainer A sends out Honedge!

If you’re gonna trust ten year old kids with powerful monsters, you can certainly trust them with deadly combat weapons! A This Serious comic by ByronB!

Luigi’s Ballad 191

Luigi’s Ballad

The first video for Starbomb’s premiere album.