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[VIDEO] Persona Fortress 2 50

[VIDEO] Persona Fortress 2

If there’s one thing target=”_blank”>Persona 4 needed… it was more hat wearing mercenaries! By Nif3, submitted by Parth Makeo

What if Kratos were in every game? 148

What if Kratos were in every game?

I know how much you guys love Kratos, so when I heard a website called IDDQD had taken the liberty of photoshopping him into a bunch of other games, I figured you guys would be thrilled to see the results! [via Joystiq]

[MERCH] “Dood of War” T-Shirt 11

[MERCH] “Dood of War” T-Shirt

Huh, I just realized we’re pretty behind on promoting our latest batch of shirt designs! Time to get caught up! Our first one is Dood of War, based on the original photoshop by my pal Trunks! Who doesn’t love a battle-ready prinny? The design is currently available on Ninja-Bot in both mens and ladies sizes starting at $17.99. Be sure to pick one up and help support the site!

[VIDEO] Persona 4 Hiimdaisy Comic Dub (Parts 1 & 2) 45

[VIDEO] Persona 4 Hiimdaisy Comic Dub (Parts 1 & 2)

Hah… such an awesome fan dub of Hiimdaisy‘s Persona 4 comics! Now if we could just get The King of Hyrule is a Jerk done with the same treatment, I can die a happy man! Submitted by Badonk



Ah sorry guys, I got so wrapped up with New Year’s and getting to MAGFest that I didn’t post any updates yesterday. Perhaps this amazing God of War/Disgaea crossover by Trunks will make up for it?