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[VIDEO] League Of Charms 32

[VIDEO] League Of Charms

When there are two Ahri’s in one game charm is definitely OP. Except on Taric of course. By TwistedGrimTV

Girls and Videogames 74

Girls and Videogames

Maybe being so distractive improves her agility bonus? Still… probably not worth the gender stereotyping. By EleyonArt

Miltank used Milk Drink! 132

Miltank used Milk Drink!

OH DEAR LORD. Some Pokemon moves are better left unimagined. By Iveechan 

Video Game Pornos 155

Video Game Pornos

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? A collection of video game themed porno box art by Porrskadad (more after the jump, if you really need more of this!)

Catherine Effect 2 60

Catherine Effect 2

It should be noted… this crossover by ZigEnfruke makes a lot more sense if you’re familiar with Atlus’ Catherine!



I understand we had polygon limitations on the N64 and all, but holy crap The Great Fairy’s tits could probably cut glass. By Angimoto

[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play Dead Rising 2 Off The Record 19

[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

When I saw that the Two Best Friends did an episode for Off The Record I assumed it wouldn’t be funny since they had already done the original Dead Rising 2. I was wrong! Submitted by Matthew K.

[VIDEO] Do The Creeper 49

[VIDEO] Do The Creeper

It was only a matter of time until someone made a parody of Lonely Island’s “The Creep” using Creepers… honestly I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner! By ScreenTeamShow