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Realistic Musclekarp 123

Realistic Musclekarp

Bro, do you even lift? A gritty realistic take on a classic Musclemon! By farticulatematter

Sylveon’s Male Evolution 47

Sylveon’s Male Evolution

Sylveon isn’t the only new Eevee evolution in town… Be sure to evolve your own Do-You-Even-Lifteon! This evolution has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!

[VIDEO] MANMO – The Man’s Teemo Skin 61

[VIDEO] MANMO – The Man’s Teemo Skin

Mushrooms? Those are for plumbers and vegetarians. Real men booby trap their jungles with PROTEIN! By ArcaneTree, submitted by FlipSide13

[VIDEO] Pikachu Gets JACKED 68

[VIDEO] Pikachu Gets JACKED

Remember, if your Pokemon is too high level and you don’t have enough badges… it won’t obey you! By elcid1984, submitted by Sadface

Musclemon 86


Click here to zoom! Metapod, Bidoof and Mudkip used BULK UP. It’s super effective! Still they’re not the toughest team of muscley Pokemon around… Artist unknown

Super Mario Ball Z 146

Super Mario Ball Z

Click here to zoom! Bowser! What does the scouter say about his power-ups level? Ah who cares, you just need to run under him and grab the axe to beat him anyway… By torokun [thanks Rampaged Reality]



Behold, the first opponent to ever withstand and defeat a falcon punch! Has the Captain finally met his match? By Bryan Lacie [KakuJomics], submitted by Vatonnage

[VIDEO] Lola 88

[VIDEO] Lola

I dunno, if you ask me Oshawott shouldn’t be so picky! He should be happy anyone is taking an interest in him at this point! He’s not exactly the most attractive Pokemon in town… By Keijimatsu and TsunichiZen, submitted by Gungag, the Infinite Gyre