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Can’t Let You Do That, Delphox 41

Can’t Let You Do That, Delphox

BRINGIN’ IT BACK~ Created by AskARidiculousFanPony Submitted by codephoenix525.

A Huge Mistake 21

A Huge Mistake

  To quote the immortal advice of Griffin McElroy, “it’s time to pack your bags, and move away“.

[VIDEO] 2DS vs 3DS 22

[VIDEO] 2DS vs 3DS

He’s cost effective! By Tom Fawkes.

Game of the Year? 173

Game of the Year?

Presented without context. By GunBooster

[VIDEO] Chun-Li is Jealous (NSFW) 15

[VIDEO] Chun-Li is Jealous (NSFW)

Behind every blunder, there is an angry Chinese woman with large thighs. Shared by DJ Cutman

A Sneak-King suspicion 33

A Sneak-King suspicion

  Close your eyes Take a deep breath in Exhale slowly Breathe in Out Now open your eyes What do you see? Originally intended for Polygon’s Chris Plante, created by The Bancast’s own Levi.

80’s Wolf O’Donnell 65

80’s Wolf O’Donnell

“Old man, that’s about as funny as a screen door on a Landmaster.” “It’s a screen door on an Arwing you idiot!” By codemaster525, cosplay by TRP-Chan