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[VIDEO] Robo’s Theme WITH LYRICS 90


You’d think it’d be hard scrounging up all those robot costume pieces, but Brent just grabbed what was left from the Soldier’s Halloween costume! Submitted by SSFF6B

[VIDEO] Chrono Trigger Time Travel Mix-Up 58

[VIDEO] Chrono Trigger Time Travel Mix-Up

The phrase “get into my big blue box” may not work on all the girls all the time, but every once in a while, jackpot. By Dorkly

[VIDEO] Mistaken Hero Identities 182

[VIDEO] Mistaken Hero Identities

*sigh* Yes mom, I caught all my Pikachus. By Dorkly

Chrono Futurama 73

Chrono Futurama

Good news everyone! We’ll be delivering a gigantic antacid to Lavos in the year 2300 A.D.! He’s going to need it because by then he’ll have almost finished devouring the Earth! Byyye! By spacecoyote

Chrono Tigger 72

Chrono Tigger

Screw Kingdom Hearts, this would be the greatest Disney/Square crossover ever! By SongbladeX, submitted by Affe

[VIDEO] Kingdom of Zeal in Minecraft 3

[VIDEO] Kingdom of Zeal in Minecraft

Well technically it’s just the city of Enhasa… still with those custom textures it makes me want a 3D recreation of Chrono Trigger SO BAD. By Kaiassc, submitted by several people


Time Paradox

While technically more accurate, haikuninja‘s paradoxical Chrono Trigger comic would take all the fun out of the game! Submitted by Mr.Raccoon