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[VIDEO] Mistaken Hero Identities 182

[VIDEO] Mistaken Hero Identities

*sigh* Yes mom, I caught all my Pikachus. By Dorkly

[VIDEO] I Dream in Retro 53

[VIDEO] I Dream in Retro

When your dreams look like this, there’s a good chance you’ve been playing too many old video games! By DarkTwist

[VIDEO] If Games Had Super-Easy Mode 121

[VIDEO] If Games Had Super-Easy Mode

Some people like a challenge. Not me though, I like my games nice and easy! By CollegeHumor

Magic The Gathering Sprite Art 40

Magic The Gathering Sprite Art

First you play card games, then you play target=”_blank”>card games on motorcycles… but after that what’s left for you to do? Recreate your favorite video game characters out of all those extra land cards, that’s what! By Dr. Von Krakenstein [from our friends at ALBOTAS]



Where would we be without that faithful code? We wouldn’t have beaten Contra without it, that’s for sure! Another epic tale of video games and rainbow unicorn stickers by The Floss!

[VIDEO] Tetris vs Contra 74

[VIDEO] Tetris vs Contra

A video game “versus” movie NOT made by daneboe? I know, it’s hard to believe… but it’s awesome none-the-less! Submitted by several people

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 88

[GAME] Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Finally my dream of playing through the original Super Mario Bros. with Mega Man (and every other one of my favorite NES heroes) can come true! (Click here to play) Thanks Exploding Rabbit!

[VIDEO] The Video Game Bosses’ Lament 53

[VIDEO] The Video Game Bosses’ Lament

The minions weren’t really reading the company-wide memos, so it’s time for the big bosses to hold a meeting within each of their divisions. Attendance… mandatory! By CollegeHumor