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[AUDIO] Top 50 Worst Videogame Voice Acting 68

[AUDIO] Top 50 Worst Videogame Voice Acting

Oh God… so awful! I’m only surprised Castlevania:SOTN wasn’t able to grab a top fifty spot! But still, who can forget Dr. Light with the Elmer Fudd voice? I mean, I’m still trying! Found by Scott


Cooking Ladies

Huh, I guess Mama isn’t the only video game girl who knows how to cook! This cool piece of art (for a French video game mag) by Ruth Steen, submitted by codemaster525


[GAME] Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals

Hey it’s Thanksgiving! What an appropriate time to post PETA’s unauthorized Cooking Mama game! Tastes like murder! Tasty, tasty murder! Click on the pic to play!