Falcon Hand 152

Falcon Hand

I’ve been playing the hell out of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, and this image breaks my heart. Such potential! By HardCoreViolence.

Super Ejector II 14

Super Ejector II

This is 100% of the reason I’d buy Battlefield #any. By Stun_gravy, submitted by CombatBeaver

Heavy’s Falcon Punch 18

Heavy’s Falcon Punch

Happy Falcon Friday, everyone. By marothon90, submitted by Code Phoenix.

[VIDEO] Blue Falcon 30 18

[VIDEO] Blue Falcon 30

The quality of Brawl Hacks has certainly increased in the last couple of years. By Nudolf, submitted by many.

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk 37

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk

From the ashes of our previous server, the spirit of Captain Falcon rises once again! Also I think this is our first ever DOTA2 related post? By swordzzzzz, submitted by Ted

[VIDEO] Skyward Sword: Freefall Surprise Attacks 94

[VIDEO] Skyward Sword: Freefall Surprise Attacks

Take the following scene from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, swap out Groose, ???, profit! I love it when a meme comes together! Mann Co. overnight delivery! By SUPERMARIOGALAXY13, submitted by Caelun_Niveus The Legend of Scout: Skyward Heavy By TheBryceanater The Legend of Ace Attorney: Skyward Turnabout By nextgenerationlibert The Legend of Falcon – Skyward Punch By JimHeadshot The Legend of Morshu: Mid-Air Shopkeeper By BlinkingBulbStudios The Legend of Coward: Skyward Beware By waxination I’m surprised Link even saw this guy coming… By waxination The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Dinner By Spinellization And one good punch deserves another! By OV3RTUR3

[VIDEO] The Night Before Brawlmas 40

[VIDEO] The Night Before Brawlmas

Merry Christmas to brawl, and to brawl a good night! By mrshmuga9, submitted by Matt G-raffe