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[VIDEO] Smash Eater 82

[VIDEO] Smash Eater

Oh you kids, I know how you love your animes! That’s why when Uzumakiclan43 sent in these two Smash Bros style Soul Eater openings I figured, I better post these to meet my new Halolz anime themed quota of the week! Videos by zanpaku and SmashKun respectively.

Super Smash Bros. Dinner Party 106

Super Smash Bros. Dinner Party

Click here for full view! Luigi decided to invite everyone over to his place for Thanksgiving! What a nice guy! Hmm speaking of which, where is our illustrious host? Artist unknown, submitted by Victory63

[VIDEO] Captain Falcon VS Brawl 67

[VIDEO] Captain Falcon VS Brawl

What do you mean Captain Falcon is bottom tier in Brawl? NOT IN MY BOOK! Also don’t forget to stick around after the credits! By target=”_blank”>MegaBlasta. submitted by Randoman_88



I will admit, I was slightly concerned when Marth checked out that “Do-It-Yourself Brain Surgery” book from the library… but clearly the man knows what he’s doing! Screenshot by BrawlinRupee

[VIDEO] Memes A La Brawl 172

[VIDEO] Memes A La Brawl

Internet memes… in my Smash Bros? It’s more likely than you think! Submitted by AreUExperienced

[VIDEO] Cpt.Falcon Hyes 96

[VIDEO] Cpt.Falcon Hyes

Just when you think Captain Falcon is unbeatable… we find out he has an unlikely (and more powerful) opponent! By Gonzossm