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A Guide to the New Pokémon Games for People Who Haven’t Played in a While

The last time I tried Pokemon was Heart Gold / Soul Silver, and before that it was Red and Blue. I’m a little lost. This helps… a little. Via Dorkly.

[VIDEO] Obama’s Terrible Secret 8

[VIDEO] Obama’s Terrible Secret

To be fair, that card had Invisible Wall, and that was a baller skill. By FilmCow, submitted by smashpro1.


[COMIC] Glory to the Glitch

And it has brought us wealth and prosperity for ages. Rare Candy for all! From Rare Candy Treatment, submitted by smashpro1.

[VIDEO] What if a Pokemon’s Cry was its Name? 13

[VIDEO] What if a Pokemon’s Cry was its Name?

My favorite pokemon is #150, Burgledurgledeegledeek. By SenorPacman, submitted by PSI Something.

Poké-King-of-the-Mon-Hill 11


It’s hard to stand up to a fire attack when you’re covered in propane. By El Cid.