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Wheatley’s Return 82

Wheatley’s Return

Why in such a hurry to get back? Everyone wants to go to SPACE! By Mike Minotti [GameStuff]

Angrymons 66


I don’t know why those pig Pokemon are running scared, don’t they have the type advantage against angry bird Pokemon? Well except for the Mankey Primeape’s of course, they’re screwed! By osy057, submitted by Gigz Snowe

Angry Bird Math 97

Angry Bird Math

This only bothers me because the math seems to add up so well. Source unknown, submitted by Darth_Destro

The Legend of Angry Birds 64

The Legend of Angry Birds

This crossover seems unnecessary,the Legend of Zelda series already has the angriest birds in history! By Tonewise_Music

Angry Prinnies 34

Angry Prinnies

This also seems like a natural crossover! Oh sure prinnies don’t seem to get too angry, but they are birds and they do explode when launched at people! By everwander



Finally an in-depth photo study of the reclusive angry bird! Nature’s mean spirited avenger! Source unknown

Video Game Easter Eggs 62

Video Game Easter Eggs

Sorry for the lack of updates, Anime Boston was kind of EGGstreme. No YOLK! Anyway I wanted to post a few of these video game themed Easter Eggs from G4 real quick! You can check all of them out here!

[VIDEO] Angry Birds: The Movie 37

[VIDEO] Angry Birds: The Movie

An Angry Birds movie? What the cluck! By Rooster Teeth, submitted by several people