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There’s a reason they muted out all that polite clapping… some of it is just WEIRD.

Idiot. 42


Poor poor poppy bro.

Po Pi Po! 51

Po Pi Po!

I can’t stop the cute. By kéké.

Blow Me. 12

Blow Me.

Can’t help but be impressed by his dedication. There are of course easier ways to get that message across. Via Reddit user MrMaynard.

[VIDEO] Super Mario Busters 33

[VIDEO] Super Mario Busters

I ain’t afraid of no boo! By James Farr, submitted by Psyguy

MLP on NES 113


They say everything’s better with ponies? Even NES classics? And of course Rarity’s Tears is a reference to Psyguy’s musical parody of the same name! By foolyguy

[MERCH] “I Want You Inside Me” Mens & Ladies T-Shirt 95

[MERCH] “I Want You Inside Me” Mens & Ladies T-Shirt

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And you know what that means! New product time! Okay, I admit there isn’t really much of a correlation there, however it does not change the fact that one of our classic Halolz t-shirt designs is back with some all new art by resident Halolz lurker Sadface! Pick one up today at Level Up Studios and give it to your sweetheart! She totally won’t be offended!

[VIDEO] The Night Before Brawlmas 40

[VIDEO] The Night Before Brawlmas

Merry Christmas to brawl, and to brawl a good night! By mrshmuga9, submitted by Matt G-raffe