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Click here to zoom! The life of a Teemo can be more stressful than you’d think! By TCBUNNY

[VIDEO] Gragas Style 34

[VIDEO] Gragas Style

As if dancing zombies weren’t enough, here’s League of Legends gangnam style! By LoL9Songs

[GAMES] League of Legends 34

[GAMES] League of Legends

“Hey Shawn, what’s with the League of Legends banners on the side of the site again?” Well it’s just my yearly reminder to you guys that League is an awesome FREE game that should probably be playing! So why promote it a second time? Well to be honest, League has been my favorite PC game for the last year now. In fact, it’s probably been my most played video game over the last twelve months (with maybe Team Fortress 2 as a close second), and I think that it’s an addicting enough title that it’s worth mentioning again. I won’t lie to you though, if you’ve never played a MOBA style game before, the learning curve can be a little steep. Fortunately I cut my teeth on the MOBA style shooter Monday Night Combat, which really broke me into the genre. But once you get into these types of games, they are fun and addicting! So anyway, if you haven’t tried it you should check it out… and you can catch me online, my summoner name is Solirue! Oh and while I was out at PAX, I was able to pick up a few special skin codes for the game,...

Their date lasted thirty seconds 45

Their date lasted thirty seconds

Nobody turns down The Master of Metal! NOBODY. By Lendo Khar [Tales of Valoran]



It’s ganking time, c’mon tell your friends! Where exhausts and ig-nites, never end! With ‘Wick the wolf and Garen the hu-man… the attacks will never end, it’s ganking time! By 秋貓

League of Draven 29

League of Draven

Click here to zoom! That’s so Draven! Submitted by Virado255

What if there were other “Reverse Champion” skins? 34

What if there were other “Reverse Champion” skins?

Some reverse skin ideas are better than others… By Trojangel

[VIDEO] Die 68


Video games are as much fun as their cinematics would have you believe! By videogamedunkey, submitted by SavageSparrow