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There’s a reason they muted out all that polite clapping… some of it is just WEIRD.

[VIDEO] Super Smash Bros 4: New Challengers! 230

[VIDEO] Super Smash Bros 4: New Challengers!

Here come some new challengers! Mega Man and Villager join the fight! [Update] And Wii Fit Trainer? WTF?

The Mini Flipping Table 94

The Mini Flipping Table

Everyone likes to flip tables. It’s the rawest form of expression. But it’s a bit of a faux pas to flip a full table in public. Now you don’t have to worry about that. I give you, the Mini Flipping Table. Where can you get yours? Right here. Tell your friends.

M is for Megaman 56

M is for Megaman

He’s the little robotic tyke with the big, big gun! By Steve Lambe



I guess some classic video game heroes make more sense than others… Original version by Xenoo

Megalangelo 38


Click here to zoom! Dr. Light… the creationist of 20XX. Artist unknown

Mega Man Time 50

Mega Man Time

It occurs to me that the tale of a boy and his dog can be applied to a lot of popular culture! By Daniel Bressette, source found by Pepperkat

[VIDEO] Career Man 40

[VIDEO] Career Man

Working for Wily Corp. is a thankless job. Maybe I should take a vacation and try to murder a small blue robot boy! By SuperPsyguy and Friends!