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Rock Band. It simulates everything about the experience of having your own band! …Except of course for the part where you actually make music. By Jesse S.

[VIDEO] How to demo a Kinect 68

[VIDEO] How to demo a Kinect

After all the goofy Kinect demos I’ve seen since E3, leave it to some random Best Buy employee to show us how to do it right! Recorded by tharkuhn

How Do I DELETE the Picutres Taken During Dance? (Forum Thread) 73

How Do I DELETE the Picutres Taken During Dance?

Read the full thread! It’s not that I didn’t think Scott’s prophecy would come to pass… I guess I just didn’t see it happening so QUICKLY!

Vuvuzela Hero 73

[ARTICLE] New Guitar Hero Instrument Announcement

New Instrument for Rock Band 3 Leads to New Guitar Hero Instrument Announcement By Halolz Senior E3 2010 Correspondent Mike Moore During E3 Harmonix announced a number of improvements that are coming to their latest edition to the Rock Band series, Rock Band 3. Perhaps chief among them was the inclusion of a new keyboard controller, and a pro difficulty mode that more closely simulates actually playing the actual instrument. Upon seeing the positive reception these additions have gotten from the press, Activision has decided to incorporate a new instrument into both the Guitar Hero and Band Hero series of games, the vuvuzela. Activision hopes to take advantage of the instruments new found popularity at the World Cup in South Africa saying, “Everyone has been talking about this vuvuzela horn instrument lately. So we thought since it’s obviously so popular that it would make a great addition to our Hero franchises.” From what we were able to discern from the Guitar/Band Hero designers, the vuvuzela will work much like the singing does. But instead of matching the pitch of the singer vocals, the player will need to match a varying level of loudness. “We are also looking to possibly have harmonizing of the vuvuzelas, if players have multiple vuvuzelas hooked into the system at the same time,” the designers also noted. [Image courtesy of Olybop]

[VIDEO] Rock Band TF2 Characters 53

[VIDEO] Rock Band TF2 Characters

Who touched Sasha? WHO TOUCHED MY AXE?!! Found by Chris Feldsine


[NEWS] Hyper T-Shirt Multi-Hit Combo!

Everyday people come to me saying, “Shawn, you’re pretty cool…  is there some way I could give you a portion of my disposable income in exchange for awesome geeky t-shirts that will make me the envy of my uncultured neighborhood?” Well good news! Thanks to a twist of fate, I have a buttload of new shirt designs that are finally available for sale on the fabled “internets!” These shirts, which were forged in the fiery depths of Blackrock Spire, provide the extreme stat boosts you need in today’s fast-paced leveling environment, while keeping the exterior of your body silky smooth to the touch. Couple all that with the wacky designs I’ve slapped on the front, and you’ve got a garment that simply CAN NOT BE BEAT. Supplies are limited, so order now! My baby needs strained peas!