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[VIDEO] Minecraft: The Anime 142

[VIDEO] Minecraft: The Anime

Minecraft isn’t an anime, but if it was, I’d like to think its opening sequences would look something like this! By legofguy and hanyilv, submitted by Tsuki Speaking of anime, I just got back from A-Kon in Dallas, Texas! I didn’t do a great job of mentioning I’d be there, but if I saw you, thanks for stopping to say hi!



It takes a lot to sound stoned in a land like Hyrule.

[VIDEO] Spyro Does A Thing 33

[VIDEO] Spyro Does A Thing

Being a hero ain’t easy. Or cheap! By Psyguy and CrikeyDave

[VIDEO] PS4 Announcement – Abridged Version 80

[VIDEO] PS4 Announcement – Abridged Version

The future is now! Well… soon. Soon-ish! By VideoGamerTV

Alternate Universe Pokemon 56

Alternate Universe Pokemon

Click here to zoom! Plant dinosaurs? Well of course. FIRE dinosaurs? Okay now you’re just being ridiculous! By TrebleChibi

Hungry Hungry Koopas 20

Hungry Hungry Koopas

Sometimes you just want to play something else besides golf… or tennis… or even go-karting! By Kodykoala

Pokémon High School 46

Pokémon High School

It’s tough being a Magikarp at Pokemon High. Well, at least this would be a much healthier way for Magikarp to get revenge! By JHall [JHall Comics]

[VIDEO] Retro Skyrim Trailer 47

[VIDEO] Retro Skyrim Trailer

Tiny pixels make even the most epic adventure seem adorable! By RubberRoss, submitted by Darkangelsv1 and potadosfan