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Secret santa in the Nintendo universe certainly keeps things interesting! By Ken Wong Sorry for being AWOL for so long! I hate to admit that a lot of my attention has been on Level Up Studios these days… and obviously the month of December is a crazy one for an up-and-coming online video game merchandise retailer!

Santa the Pedophile 93

Santa the Pedophile

Oh God… after all these years now Santa is the naughty one! By dragonnyxx



He got my letter! By Jordan M Dalton [Mental Blocks]

[VIDEO] The Night Before Brawlmas 40

[VIDEO] The Night Before Brawlmas

Merry Christmas to brawl, and to brawl a good night! By mrshmuga9, submitted by Matt G-raffe

[VIDEO] The Night Before Mario’s Christmas 24

[VIDEO] The Night Before Mario’s Christmas

You’d think at Christmas-time Bowser would take a week off or something! What a jerk. By Dorkly

Aperture Laboratories Christmas Tree 47

Aperture Laboratories Christmas Tree

Aperture Laboratories wishes you and your designated loved ones a very happy holiday, and reminds you not to approach the decorative science topiary as it is highly radioactive and contains several varieties of weaponized “Christmas cheer.” By Tymykal [via io9]

Randolph the Red Nosed Turret 49

Randolph the Red Nosed Turret

It was truly the greatest Christmas ever at Aperture Laboratories! Although sadly… it was also the last one ever. A holiday comic from The Valve Store!

[AUDIO] Heavy Claus Jazz (Redux) 24

[AUDIO] Heavy Claus Jazz (Redux)

A classic Halolz tune, sung by codemaster525! Merry Smissmas, every one!