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Engineered Proposals 77

Engineered Proposals

Click here to zoom! Oh TF2… your crazy Mann Co.  items will be the death of me! At least we’re getting some decent entertainment out of these virtual wedding rings. Image by MaxOfS2D, video by SirKemper1

Zero Wing Valentine 52

Zero Wing Valentine

Somebody set us up the love. By theicecapsaremelting

Valentine, you put the neat-o in incognito 43

The Spy’s Valentine

Welcome to Halolz belated Valentine’s Day! It’s never too late to share the love, even after a disastrous server move! By kell0436

I love you like a MadCatz controller... 71

I love you like a MadCatz controller…

It can be a scary thing when gamers attempt at romance! I’m not even sure if this should be considered a success or failure… By A Thousand Teeth

Roses are red, Violets are blue 75

Valentine’s Day Poems Are Hard

Writing fine poetry is harder than it looks! Especially when you’re a gross floating sack, a burly Russian soldier or a perverted grass-type Pokemon! By The_Octopode, nomdeweb and Sanshee respectively!

Rockets are RED, crit ones are BLU. Run, coward, run I'm coming for you! 106

Rockets are RED, crit ones are BLU…

Click here to zoom! Heavy always did have a very close relationship with the Medic. And I mean how couldn’t he, what with the doctor always spraying that hot stream of life all over his backside. :O By Leo E.