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[VIDEO] PokéMari – Gotta Roll ‘Em All! 127

[VIDEO] PokéMari – Gotta Roll ‘Em All!

Seems like everything’s easier for royalty, even catching pokemon! By thepixelkingdom

[VIDEO] Super Mario Bros. vs Katamari Damacy 49

[VIDEO] Super Mario Bros. vs Katamari Damacy

The King of all Cosmos asked The Prince for a katamari made up of mushrooms… and well, this is what he got. Another crossover video by daneboe [via Attack of the Show]

[VIDEO] Man vs. Katamari 73

[VIDEO] Man vs. Katamari

No, this implement of murder is much too small. We demand bigger! By freddiew [via Destructoid]

[VIDEO] Mineamari Craftacy 69

[VIDEO] Mineamari Craftacy

I’m surprised people didn’t think of this sooner… Katamari Damacy and Minecraft are an almost perfect combination! By Bat Country Entertainment



The only problem with this game is The Duke of All Cosmos keeps asking you to roll up giant katamaries full of strippers, then always declares “This Katamari is too small. We need much bigger than this, yes?” By Oddwan

[VIDEO] Cataclysm Damacy 29

[VIDEO] Cataclysm Damacy

What the… you got Katamari Damacy in my WoW? A quest where you have to roll up 1,000 crazed gnomes in the Uldum desert? Yeah that’s how I roll. Of course it’s not the first Cataclysm game homage we’ve seen! By Trace B.