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Merry Gamey Christmas 127

Merry Gamey Christmas

Click here for full view! Christmas time, that time of year where friends and enemies come together to eat, drink and be merry! Also to play Rock Band. By haruningster, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire 74

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire

Should it worry me that this song sums up my entire life in four minutes? Nah… By PopeFriction, submitted by KHPandaZ and smashpro1

Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries 34

[HALOLZWEEN] 2010 Contest Entries

The entries are in! Behold this year’s crop of video game themed pumpkins! #1 – The Original Ghost Pump-kemon by Daniel Potvin #2 – This is Halloween! by Tom Palmen #3 – Homeworld by ceemdee #4 – Sonic/Knuckles Pumpkin by LeeFlippinGreene #5 – The Cake Is A Lie by Cubetony Licciardi #6 – inb4 “who?” by TCC #7 – Blue Knight by Kryfus #8 – Gengar by CornballCoder #9 – Pumpkin-Trap by Tom Palmen #10 – Beyond Good & Evil by ceemdee #11 – In Disguise Zoom by David Roy #12 – I was told we would be carving pumkin! by ChimpoDelFuego #13 – Prinny by kitamoo #14 – King Boo by Sussi #15 – Syndicate by ceemdee #16 – Day of the Tentacle by ceemdee #17 – Slimer by Sussi #18 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Pumpkin “Patch” by BBeast #19 – Spy Carvin My Pumpkin? NOPE by Tabetha Morango #20 – Red Dead Redemption by ceemdee #21 – Duskull by Ashley Randall #22 – Hitman by ceemdee #23 – GLaDOS Cake Core and Curiosity Core by LadyFiede #24 – PumpKoffin’ (Pumpkin Koffing) by GengarKing #25 – Creeper by ceemdee #26 – Mr. Bubbles by Gene Cole #27 – The Cake is a Lie… The Pumpkin is not. by Aaron “Ace” Hinds #28 – Reaper and Reapette by Sussi #29 – Pacman and Ghosts by Nick and Molly #30 – Halo: Reach Haunted Helmet by Nick Everson #31 – Fox McCloud by A Random Person #32 – Old Snake takes out an Enemy Soldier by suicid3clutch #33 – Max Payne 2 by ceemdee #34 – Pokéball by ChimpoDelFuego #35 – Oddworld by ceemdee #36 – The Isshu starters, all dressed up for Halloween! by Bridgette Rockette #37 – No King Rules Forever by Artais #38 – The Orange Spy by ChimpoDelFuego #39 – DeathSpank by ceemdee #40 – Castle Crashers Animal Orb Rammy by Nick #41 – Dungeon Keeper by ceemdee #42 – Costume Quest by ceemdee #43 – Guybrush by ceemdee Man,...

Unversed T-Shirt 15

[MERCH] “Unversed Emblem” T-Shirt

Hey! Isn’t it about time for some new shirts? Probably not, but you’re getting some anyway! First up for your consideration, the one that has the least to do with Halolz… the new Unversed Emblem T-Shirt! Of course most people don’t know it’s relevance yet, but for the few of you keeping up with your Kingdom Hearts… the Unversed are the next evil group (predating the Heartless and Nobodies) which you fight in the upcoming game Birth by Sleep (which honestly I thought would be out in the states by now, but it’s been pushed back until summer I think). So anyway, here’s one for you die-hard Kingdom Hearts fans! Enjoy!

Nobodies Business (Comic) 59

Nobodies Business

Gee, can you tell that TWEWY was made by the same team of people that worked on Kingdom Hearts? I sure couldn’t! By LightningGuy, submitted by penpangolin