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[VIDEO] Left 4 Hats 2 41

[VIDEO] Left 4 Hats 2

It’s kind of hard to believe this isn’t an integral part of the game yet. By speeder99123

[VIDEO] Who’s Cooking Tonight? 45

[VIDEO] Who’s Cooking Tonight?

Surviving a zombie outbreak was difficult. Living together as roommates? Now that’s pretty much impossible! By Raikujo, submitted by Roflcakes Internets

[VIDEO] Team Fabulous 2 95

[VIDEO] Team Fabulous 2

This is quite possibly the weirdest, most confusing TF2 video I’ve ever watched. Enjoy! By kitty0706, submitted by Chibi and Random Guy

[VIDEO] WarioWare!: Valve Edition 63

[VIDEO] WarioWare!: Valve Edition

This was an alpha. I’m making a note here, “huge success!” By ikusa0717, submitted by Josh Mirman

[VIDEO] Adult Situations With The Spy 72

[VIDEO] Adult Situations With The Spy

I had no idea the Spy was into such kinky stuff! Although he is French… First video by antoine35DeLak, found by Chris Ryberg Second video by MegaGFilms, submitted by Slaanesh T.

[VIDEO] Video Game Trick or Treating 59

[VIDEO] Video Game Trick or Treating

The guys at Underbelly show us why trick or treating in Video Game Land is generally a bad idea! Submitted by smashpro1