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[VIDEO] Sack to the Future 43

[VIDEO] Sack to the Future

Why would stephentotilo recreate the epic clocktower scene from Back to the Future in Little Big Planet 2? I think the real question is why WOULDN’T he? [via Destructoid]

How gamers interpret review scores: 126

How gamers interpret review scores:

One might say we have more disconcering tastes?  Others might say we’re just idiots who don’t understand how a scale from 1 to 100 should work… By StealthSilver

Merry Gamey Christmas 127

Merry Gamey Christmas

Click here for full view! Christmas time, that time of year where friends and enemies come together to eat, drink and be merry! Also to play Rock Band. By haruningster, submitted by several people


THE SCALE OF Awesome Beards

Okay, that is a long-ass beard. If your sackboy can manage sporting that thing everyday, you are indeed 2.5x more awesome than Gandalf. By Media Molecule

[VIDEO] LittleBigPlanet NES Duck Hunt 10

[VIDEO] LittleBigPlanet NES Duck Hunt

So awesome! Too bad we can never play it because MediaMolecule removed the level… those heartless jerks!