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[VIDEO] Crossover Premiere 16

[VIDEO] Crossover Premiere

One could argue it’s not that often that I make a post promoting a friend’s work, but our buddy Drake has started a fun new series. Do Drake a favor and leave him some honest feedback in our comments section.

[VIDEO] Xbox One does a 180 43

[VIDEO] Xbox One does a 180

The only thing funnier than watching Microsoft embarrassingly reverse all it’s new (and unpopular) console design features, is watching it animated weirdly by good ol’ NMATV!

The Halo Campaignathon: Halo 4 60

The Halo Campaignathon: Halo 4

The Bancasters have returned. Starting 2:00pm Central / 3:00pm Eastern, we’ll be streaming our attempt at completing Halo 4 on Legendary. If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up and you’re dying to see how 343 continued the Halo series, join us live on I heartily recommend subscribing to the channel to get updated on exactly when we go live, or follow us  to get up-to-the-minute tweets. If you miss it, don’t worry, we’ll be posting each level on our YouTube Channel, where we posted our streams for Halo 1 through 3. Just be sure to subscribe there too. We now return you to your regularly scheduled non-Halo content.


Election Day

If they wanted me to vote so bad they would’ve put a voting booth at GameStop for the midnight launch. Made by Me. editors note: Shawn was supposed to post this on Monday, but he didn’t. Thanks Shawn.