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[VIDEO] I Wanna Be a Pirate 68

[VIDEO] I Wanna Be a Pirate

You could basically make the entire Monkey Island series in SourceMod and I could live with it. By Callegos Yavolitak

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire 74

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire

Should it worry me that this song sums up my entire life in four minutes? Nah… By PopeFriction, submitted by KHPandaZ and smashpro1



Huh, I was just thinking how I hadn’t seen much of O’Donnell recently. Looks like he took a vacation down to the Caribbean! By Victory63

Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries 34

[HALOLZWEEN] 2010 Contest Entries

The entries are in! Behold this year’s crop of video game themed pumpkins! #1 – The Original Ghost Pump-kemon by Daniel Potvin #2 – This is Halloween! by Tom Palmen #3 – Homeworld by ceemdee #4 – Sonic/Knuckles Pumpkin by LeeFlippinGreene #5 – The Cake Is A Lie by Cubetony Licciardi #6 – inb4 “who?” by TCC #7 – Blue Knight by Kryfus #8 – Gengar by CornballCoder #9 – Pumpkin-Trap by Tom Palmen #10 – Beyond Good & Evil by ceemdee #11 – In Disguise Zoom by David Roy #12 – I was told we would be carving pumkin! by ChimpoDelFuego #13 – Prinny by kitamoo #14 – King Boo by Sussi #15 – Syndicate by ceemdee #16 – Day of the Tentacle by ceemdee #17 – Slimer by Sussi #18 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Pumpkin “Patch” by BBeast #19 – Spy Carvin My Pumpkin? NOPE by Tabetha Morango #20 – Red Dead Redemption by ceemdee #21 – Duskull by Ashley Randall #22 – Hitman by ceemdee #23 – GLaDOS Cake Core and Curiosity Core by LadyFiede #24 – PumpKoffin’ (Pumpkin Koffing) by GengarKing #25 – Creeper by ceemdee #26 – Mr. Bubbles by Gene Cole #27 – The Cake is a Lie… The Pumpkin is not. by Aaron “Ace” Hinds #28 – Reaper and Reapette by Sussi #29 – Pacman and Ghosts by Nick and Molly #30 – Halo: Reach Haunted Helmet by Nick Everson #31 – Fox McCloud by A Random Person #32 – Old Snake takes out an Enemy Soldier by suicid3clutch #33 – Max Payne 2 by ceemdee #34 – Pokéball by ChimpoDelFuego #35 – Oddworld by ceemdee #36 – The Isshu starters, all dressed up for Halloween! by Bridgette Rockette #37 – No King Rules Forever by Artais #38 – The Orange Spy by ChimpoDelFuego #39 – DeathSpank by ceemdee #40 – Castle Crashers Animal Orb Rammy by Nick #41 – Dungeon Keeper by ceemdee #42 – Costume Quest by ceemdee #43 – Guybrush by ceemdee Man,...

[CONTEST] The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition 19

[CONTEST] The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

Hey remember when we had that Halo Reach beta code giveaway a while back? Well we’ve got another giveaway for you fans of classic adventure games, ghost pirates and three headed monkeys! We have two copies of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (for Steam on the PC) to give away, and to enter all you have to do is follow @Halolz and @StacMasterS on Twitter and tweet the following: I’ve entered to win a copy of Monkey Island:SE by following @Halolz and @StacMasterS! Follow both and retweet this for two chances to win! Copy and paste that in a tweet, and you’ll have two chances to win! We’ll be picking the winners at the end of Monday! Good luck!