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[VIDEO] Amazon Fire TV Unboxing 41

[VIDEO] Amazon Fire TV Unboxing

Let’s open a box!

Engie Work 25

[NEWS] Breaking Things In!

So for once… it seems like we’ve had a successful server move! Still checking out a few things, and backing up literally years of emails… but for the most part things seem to be working! However if you notice anything weird on the site, it may be worth mentioning in the comments! As for what’s coming next… well you’ll have to wait and see! However I would like to hear in the comments from those of you who may have interested in working directly on the site in the future. So lemme know if you’re still out there!


The Great Birthday Giveaway, Part 3

Hey Halolzians and Falconites, it’s my Birthday. I know what you’re thinking, “BOO THIS MAN, ONE STAR”, but hear me out. Every year, throughout the year, I collect Steam Keys, and as is now tradition on my Birthday, I give these games out for free on Twitter. This year is no different! So go, follow me on twitter, and get some free games. And if you’re feeling super generous, give Love a “yes” on Steam Greenlight. That’d be nifty.

[NEWS] 2014… A New Year! 24

[NEWS] 2014… A New Year!

Hey folks! Yes I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve graced you all with my presence! For quite a few months I’ve been throwing all my time and energy into Level Up Studios (the awesome store that also makes it possible to feed my family!) But now that it’s a new year, I’ve grown weary of the life of a shopkeep. I want to start putting time back into fun/personal projects like Halolz! However before I can really dig into the site and start making some radical changes, we need to completely transfer the site to a new host (we have attempted this in the past, with not much success). This time though, we don’t have much choice in the matter, the move needs to happen! So that will be my first order of business. Also I’d like to thank Fred for doing a great job of covering for me… even though he also subjected you to many a Bancast! Not that he’s going away or anything! Well he sort of is he’s moving back to Texas, but you know what I mean!

The Bancast #71 – Game of the Year 2013 17

The Bancast #71 – Game of the Year 2013

Episode 71 Game of the Year 2013 Click Here to Listen On this week’s Bancast, the cast systematically processes the games of 2013 and sifts out the winners. Like when you clean out a litter box. Stick around, and listen to an intelligent discussion of the 16 best games of 2013.

The Bancast #70 – The Drones Are Coming 9

The Bancast #70 – The Drones Are Coming

Episode 70 The Drones Are Coming Click Here to Listen and Subscribe Let’s be honest, there’s not much time left. Nothing matters anymore. The drones are coming. But still, we talk Risk of Rain, XBox One, The Maxx, and the Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds. Send in questions and topics for the Bancast here! Next week we’re talking Game of the Year, so submit your contenders / opinions / explanations as to why here as well.

The Bancast #69 – On The Precipice of Thanking 13

The Bancast #69 – On The Precipice of Thanking

Episode 69 On The Precipice of Thanking Click Here to Listen Mike’s not here this week, but we’ve got Psy! On this, our Thanksgiving episode, we discuss what celebrity the XBox One would be, so much Mario, Jonathan Taylor Stamos, stuff my face and take it home, and the core tenants of a proper thanksgiving. Subscribe to the show, leave us a review, and we’ll thank you “on the air”! Also, check out Psy’s new show, Cartridge Blowers. It’s great

The Bancast #68, The Good, The Bland, and the Frumpy 6

The Bancast #68, The Good, The Bland, and the Frumpy

Episode 68 The Good, The Bland, and the Frumpy Click Here to Listen On this week’s Bancast, we offer a complete yet spoiler-free look at Bioshock Infinite’s Burial At Sea Part 1 DLC, an informed report on the PS4, speculate on the XBox One, discuss the new Five Iron Frenzy album, and talk about mature topics in the Games/Comics industry. Also, we briefly discuss the upcoming Moveathon, where we’re raffling off 115 prizes, including a Portal Gun Replica and a Skyhook Replica.