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San Japan 5 25

[NEWS] San Japan 5

I regret to inform you that Fred will be at San Japan 5, which essentially ruins the convention for anyone who was planning on going. If you’ve never heard of San Japan, it’s a pretty cool anime convention taking place this weekend in San Antonio, Texas. I’m sorry that we’ve essentially made the event unattendable because Fred will be there harassing everyone at the Level Up Studios booth in the dealers room (booth #81). I’m also being forced against my will to tell you that there will be an amazing live Bancast podcast taking place at the show, featuring Fred, LittleKuriboh and Levi. So if you’re going you may want to check that out. Or not, whatever!

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[NEWS] Otakon 2012

Yes it’s time for the last major con of the summer… Otakon! It’s pretty much the biggest anime con in the country, and it’s happening this weekend in Baltimore! I hope you’re going, because we’re going to be in the exhibitors hall (booths S01-S03) and we’re gonna have a bunch of new Halolz shirt designs you’ve never seen before! So be sure to come out and see us! Shawn and Fred will be there along with a bunch of other cool folks. Don’t miss it!

[NEWS] ConnectiCon 2012 25

[NEWS] ConnectiCon 2012

We do a lot of conventions, but ConnectiCon? Well that one has a special place in my decaying old heart! You see ConnectiCon was my first convention as an artist, back when I touted myself as one of those fancy webcomic creators. This year however Halolz has been invited as an “Online Media Guest,” and you know what… that’s alright with me! So be sure to stop by the Halolz/Level Up Studios booth in the online media pavilion at the show! I’ll be there, along with Fred and April… and hey we’ll be right next door to brentalfloss so be sure to say hi to him as well! See you guys there!

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[NEWS] RTX 2012

Incoming transmission! We will be at RTX this weekend in Austin Texas! If you like video games and the internet, it’s probably relevant to your interests!Be sure to stop by and say hi to Fred and Levi, and also maybe buy some of our stuff if you’re feeling adventurous!

[NEWS] Metrocon & TooManyGames 2012 6

[NEWS] Metrocon & TooManyGames 2012

I heard you guys like conventions, so we’re doing two at once this weekend! For those of you like it hot, Metrocon in the place to be! (Since it’s taking place in sunny Tampa, Florida). Be sure to visit Fred, Badonk and Lastorka in the dealers room at booth H10! For those of you who like it chilly, who not go to Philly? (I am aware that it won’t actually be cold I just wanted to make that rhyme happen). We’ll be hanging out in the dealers room at TooManyGames, which is one of the best places to go to get your retro gaming fix!



Lets face it, the hired models at E3 have to put up with a lot! By TheWarpZone, submitted by Brian F.

[NEWS] FanimeCon & A-Kon 2012 11

[NEWS] FanimeCon & A-Kon 2012

Hmm… it’s that time of year again. Yep that’s right, con season! We’re hitting the road to meet fans, hock funny t-shirts and give out high-fives! Our first stop this weekend is FanimeCon in lovely San Jose, California! Stop by our tables in the artist alley and tell us how out of place we look in the beautiful California sunshine! Then after that it’s straight off to Dallas, Texas for A-Kon! We will be in the artist alley there as well… so come on by and explain to us in detail why we’re not supposed to mess with Texas! Also I think we have some panels so that’s also a thing worth checking out! See you there!