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[VIDEO] Amazon Fire TV Unboxing 41

[VIDEO] Amazon Fire TV Unboxing

Let’s open a box!

Brentalfloss - What if This CD Had Lyrics? Cover 17

[REVIEW] What if This CD… Had Lyrics?

If you’ve been following the site for a while, you’re most likely familiar with Brentalfloss and his musical stylings. But for those of you unfamiliar with his work, the man has been putting out some of the finest comedic video game music adaptations around (with maybe Duane and Brando as a reasonable second). So needless to say I was thrilled last month when I heard he had put together his first official CD featuring updated versions of his popular hits with some new songs as well. What I wasn’t prepared for however was the insane jump in production quality of the music on this disc. To say that old favorites like Tetris With Lyrics, Duck Tales With Lyrics and Dr. Mario With Lyrics have “been improved” is a gross understatement. The newest versions of these tracks run longer (with additional lyrics) and are so silky smooth that I can’t imagine them being done at a higher production quality. And the new stuff doesn’t skimp on the bells and whistles either… even the new songs like Bubble Man With Lyrics and Mushroom Kingdom (a parody of Sister Christian by Night Ranger) feature lots of well timed sound effects, quick little lyrical side beats and other subtle nuances that help to make up for the visual gags that are lost in the transition from YouTube music video to audio disc. Then on top of all that you’ve got two surprise crossover songs… the new Paperboy With Lyrics featuring music by The Konami Kode, and Gotta Run/Be The One which creates a unique lyrical duet merging Floss’ original Mega Man 2 With Lyrics and Mega Man cover band The Megas I Want To Be The One (which in all honesty, I can’t even describe how epic this song sound). Of course I wouldn’t say every track of this twenty song set totally blew me away. There are a few non video-game songs (The Roommate Song, Good Example) which are kind of funny, but aren’t the kind...