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[VIDEO] Xbox One does a 180 43

[VIDEO] Xbox One does a 180

The only thing funnier than watching Microsoft embarrassingly reverse all it’s new (and unpopular) console design features, is watching it animated weirdly by good ol’ NMATV!

[VIDEO] Nintendohemian Rhapsody 51

[VIDEO] Nintendohemian Rhapsody

Classic games… and classic music! By Pat the NES Punk & brentalfloss, submitted by smashpro1

Mario Kombat 69

Mario Kombat

FINISH HIM! WHOO-HOO! Artist unknown

[VIDEO] Sub-Zero Stays Dizzy 40

[VIDEO] Sub-Zero Stays Dizzy

Sometimes it’s best to just put a person out of their misery. By Dorkly

[VIDEO] Go Right 58

[VIDEO] Go Right

What, you want to go left? That my friend, is the dream of a madman. By RockyPlanetesimal, submitted by Irving R.

[VIDEO] Career Man 40

[VIDEO] Career Man

Working for Wily Corp. is a thankless job. Maybe I should take a vacation and try to murder a small blue robot boy! By SuperPsyguy and Friends!

[VIDEO] League of Legends: Stick Figure Spotlight 72

[VIDEO] League of Legends: Stick Figure Spotlight

League champs have some pretty cool special attacks, but I guess it doesn’t matter how many you know when you’re up against the Might of Demacia. By FlyingPanda1990, submitted by Matthew W.

[VIDEO] The Ninja Heavy 103

[VIDEO] The Ninja Heavy

You can lead a Heavy to water, but you can’t make him backstab it! Wait that’s not right… Give a man a backstab, kill him for a day. Teach a man to backstab, make him a spy for life? By 69Starmix96