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[VIDEO] Barack Obama Sings the Pokemon Theme Song 28

[VIDEO] Barack Obama Sings the Pokemon Theme Song

Our President would make one hell of a gym leader! By baracksdubs, submitted by Josh Mirman

Election Day 89

Election Day

If they wanted me to vote so bad they would’ve put a voting booth at GameStop for the midnight launch. Made by Me. editors note: Shawn was supposed to post this on Monday, but he didn’t. Thanks Shawn.

[MERCH] “Brock Obama 2012” Mens & Ladies T-Shirt 17

[MERCH] “Brock Obama 2012” Mens & Ladies T-Shirt

It’s been a while since we’ve done some new Halolz shirts, huh? Well not to worry, we’ve got a few on the way! Our first one is a campaign shirt for everyone’s favorite presidential candidate Brock Obama, featuring art by April (Sadface)… and it’s also a Level Up Studios “Time Attack Sale” shirt which means that for the next 24 hours you can pick it up for only $9.99! What a steal! “As a respected leader at the Pewter City gym, Brock has always been a man you can trust. That’s why this November, we’re looking to you to vote for a man who will provide the rock solid leadership you expect from your Kanto governement. So this election, cast your vote for Brock Obama! A vote for Brock is a vote for stability and security. When the going gets tough, the tough get Rock pokemon!” Pick one up today!

[VIDEO] Dictator 60

[VIDEO] Dictator

So serious… maybe it’s inspirational Sunday? Either way this video will make you want to stop destroying your fellow man in TF2. By Shwiggan, submitted by Keffer L.



We may as well… we’ve lost all our towers and Xin has been feeding the entire game. By Broccli

[VIDEO] Groose’s Theme Goes With Everything 67

[VIDEO] Groose’s Theme Goes With Everything

Look out Guile, your theme has some competition! HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Groose’s Theme goes with Politics By SUPERMARIOGALAXY13 Groose’s Theme goes with Going to the Store By r41d3n518 Groose’s Theme goes with Drunk Guy Shopping By goodbye18000, submitted by Tanner B. Groose’s Theme goes with The Legend of Zelda By GreggJanus

GIOVANNI 2012 68


If the Republicans have to put someone up against Brock Obama, I guess Giovanni is the man to choose! By mdk8400

I’m Commander Obama… 41

I’m Commander Obama…

I’m Commander Obama… and this is the most presidential Shepard on the Citadel! Submitted by VGScoot