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[VIDEO] PS4 Announcement – Abridged Version 80

[VIDEO] PS4 Announcement – Abridged Version

The future is now! Well… soon. Soon-ish! By VideoGamerTV

Street Fighter X Tekken Secret Characters 137

Street Fighter X Tekken Secret Characters

So they announced a few secret characters for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken crossover fighting game… and the biggest surprise is probably Mega Man! Or should I say, the creepy middle-aged Mega Man 1 boxart Mega Man. Fred seemed to be pretty weirded out by this, but I think he’s kinda awesome! While they’re at it maybe they should throw in the tiny green deformed Captain N Mega Man too?

[VIDEO] E3 2011 in a Nutshell 138

[VIDEO] E3 2011 in a Nutshell

Well, looks like Nintendo wins again. Seriously guys, you gotta try harder! KINECT KINECT KINECT By ShatterFrame, submitted by Erikfit

[MERCH] “This Is How I Roll” T-Shirt 16

[MERCH] “This Is How I Roll” T-Shirt

I’m afraid I’m still behind on promoting our summer shirts! However I’m sure you guys remember this old classic, but did you notice the new art for 2010? By popular demand we’ve recreated our original “This Is How I Roll” design you know and love with new art featuring a 33% more adorable Prince, a 15% more geometrically sound katamari, and an 11% more aesthetic font! Now that’s math you can take the bank! The design is currently available at Ninja-Bot in both mens and ladies sizes starting at $17.99. Be sure to pick one up and help support the site!



I’ve got it guys, lets endorse Solid Snake… master of stealth espionage! That’ll get our name out there! Everyone will see him! Well at least he looks happy about it! Cheer up man, it could be worse!



But… I have to equip it! My PizzaHut™ box shield gives me a +5 agility bonus from its greasiness! Oh, the pizza frying pan weapon? Yeah I just equip that ’cause it looks cool. Screenshot from Siliconera