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[VIDEO] Spore Spy 15

[VIDEO] Spore Spy

That creature’s a spy! Sent in by Ariel Baron

[VIDEO] Jesus Christ Superspore 63

[VIDEO] Jesus Christ Superspore

Wow. There are layers of irony here that I dare not think about… Hang in there, Jesus!

[VIDEO] Spore Pedobear 33

[VIDEO] Spore Pedobear

FrEEz posted this one in the comments last week… honestly I’m amazed how much it looks like the original!


Goatse – Spore Creature

Errrrr…. yeah. Goatse is the last thing I ever wanted made into a Spore creature… Video



Terezar is burninating the countryside! TROOOOOGDOOOOOOOOR!!! Hey isn’t the Homestar Runner game for Wii coming out this week?

[VIDEO] Spore Mudkip 31

[VIDEO] Spore Mudkip

Mike herd u like these!

[VIDEO] Spore Bowser 27

[VIDEO] Spore Bowser

I think the best part is he has little Koopa Kids!