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Bioseuss 45


Oh the places you’ll go! In fact, you might not come back… By DrFaustusAU

Gentlemon 69


Some Pokemon were just born classy. By Scotsman333

Spontaneous Human Combusken 54

Spontaneous Human Combusken

Why did the Pokemon Trainer cross the road? TO SHOW YOU HIS FINAL FORM

“Some are born great…” 86

“Some are born great…”

All Hyrule’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players… By cocacola111

Four Shades of Grey 58

Four Shades of Grey

Fifty shades? No… back in my day we didn’t need that many. Submitted by Chris Jeffery

The joys of picking your own character name 128

The joys of picking your own character name

Give him time… he’s still young! By likwitsnake

Final Fantasy Tictacs 158

Final Fantasy Tictacs

Final Fantasy Tactics was a masterful strategy game, Final Fantasy Tictacs are a minty treat! Honestly I don’t know which I like more!

M is for Megaman 56

M is for Megaman

He’s the little robotic tyke with the big, big gun! By Steve Lambe