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[VIDEO] Mario is Too Mainstream 107

[VIDEO] Mario is Too Mainstream

Even in video games… SO MANY HIIIPSTEEEERSSS By Dorkly, submitted by smashpro1

[VIDEO] Super Meat Brony & SherBend Land 67

[VIDEO] Super Meat Brony & SherBend Land

For some reason I decided to post these. I don’t know why… it’s 2am and I haven’t slept in a very long time! I’m not on trial here! By firespikez and ltotheucasltotheucas, video two submitted by Roflcakes Internet

Video Game Easter Eggs 62

Video Game Easter Eggs

Sorry for the lack of updates, Anime Boston was kind of EGGstreme. No YOLK! Anyway I wanted to post a few of these video game themed Easter Eggs from G4 real quick! You can check all of them out here!

Andy Ford 1 70


Andy Ford Andy Ford Jacob R Andy Ford Andy Ford Andy Ford Andy Ford Andy Ford Josh M Banjo7J Bravo Choco26 Codemaster525 David Blazenwing David D Django U DoctorDan D-TurboKiller Frank A Garux D Regularjoe Nathan I Gee Gee LoneSilverwind Gee Gee Pavke Gee Gee Gee Snake_Man Harrison R Harrison R Harrison R Howlingwolf214 jacknife0691 LoneSilverwind Josh B link01 Kevin Kirk Andy Ford mcenslow mcenslow mcenslow If you’re wondering why it took me so long to start posting these… this is about half of the entries! Look for part two later this weekend!

[VIDEO] When You’ve Played Too Much Super Meat Boy 67

[VIDEO] When You’ve Played Too Much Super Meat Boy

Okay, site’s back up! Sorry for the downtime folks. They had to replace some hard drives or clean the tubes or whatever people do to fix webservers these days. Also yes I know I’m way behind on posting all those amazing Super Meat Boy contest entries! I’m going to finish going through them tonight to post on Monday morning! Until then, I expect all of you to have achieved target=”_blank”>{OTD}q.‘s level of proficiency in Super Meat Boy!



Yep I know, Meat Week has been quite a bit longer than a week! Mainly this is due to me being distracted by several other side things going on… but hey, I planned three meaty challenges and by gosh we’re gonna do them! So now for challenge #2, you the Halolz community, are tasked with making your best Super Meat Boy themed submission! Really for this one anything goes creatively, but for those of you who just need something basic to caption, I’ve provided two premade advice templates that you can caption yourself! And if you need help adding captions you can use sites like roflbot (although be sure to switch watermarking off!) or you can just type up your caption and send it in, and if it’s good enough we’ll put it together for you! Otherwise anything goes, and the best three chosen by myself will receive a pack of Meat Boy prizes! Also for this contest, your meat boy themed submissions should be sent to contests[at]! You have until Friday to get your submissions in, and we’ll choose winners on Monday! Good luck!

[VIDEO] Rage Quitting Super Meat Boy 1

[VIDEO] Rage Quitting Super Meat Boy

If you hadn’t heard by now, Super Meat Boy has some pretty hard levels. However no matter what happens you should refrain from throwing your controller at the wall and murdering everyone around you! An episode of Achievement Hunter by Rooster Teeth, submitted by Joe Doe