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Donkey Kong: Origins 15

Donkey Kong: Origins

Oh. That explains things. By Zac Gorman.

The Best Feeling 10

The Best Feeling


[VIDEO] Jax’s Ending (Mortal Kombat 4) 15

[VIDEO] Jax’s Ending (Mortal Kombat 4)


[VIDEO] Bomberman Does A Thing 14

[VIDEO] Bomberman Does A Thing

Boooooooommmmeeeeeermmmaaan! Another classic Does A Thing by Psy and Dave!

Po Pi Po! 51

Po Pi Po!

I can’t stop the cute. By kéké.

Can’t Let You Do That, Delphox 41

Can’t Let You Do That, Delphox

BRINGIN’ IT BACK~ Created by AskARidiculousFanPony Submitted by codephoenix525.

[Video] Hey Mario! 22

[Video] Hey Mario!

Not a fan, personally, but I’m posting it so you’ll stop submitting it. By Patent Pending TV, submitted by literally everyone ever.

The Lord of the Ocarinas 46

The Lord of the Ocarinas

Who needs six sages when you’re got the most badass white wizard in Middle Earth? From Tumblr, submitted by Sadface