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It’s a tune as old as this nation is great, but as always, TF2 makes it better. By COBMetalHead, submitted by Bryan Tai.

Friend Like Sandvich 6

Friend Like Sandvich

By MisterMulluc, submitted by Levi Babbage.

Heavy Cyrus 10

Heavy Cyrus

Yes, we’re a little past this joke, but that face at the end makes it all come back. By HazzaHardie.

[VIDEO] Fortress League 4

[VIDEO] Fortress League You had me at SuperSoldier. By Mixton, submitted by Levi Babbage.

Bonkumiru 10


Japanese translation: I’m not an idiot. I am a person who can try. But I’m a little bit disabled but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Even if I make mistakes. Another day will come. When it becomes morning, on that day it will be my turn. By Mowtendoo, submitted by PSI Something.

[VIDEO] Pop It, Don’t Drop It 54

[VIDEO] Pop It, Don’t Drop It

One of the many fantastic Team Service Announcement videos! By anangrysockpuppet, submitted by Famout.

[VIDEO] End of the Line 4

[VIDEO] End of the Line

I’ve never wanted a TF2 movie to exist more in my life. By James McVinnie, submitted by VyseRogueKing.  

Heavy is Dovahkiin 6

Heavy is Dovahkiin

And now the joke is dead. By DanHarolds, submitted by Uzumakiclan45.