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[VIDEO] Climactic Failure 9

[VIDEO] Climactic Failure

I guess Trevor couldn’t make the trip. By HelixSnake, submitted by PSI Something.

All Hands In! 13

All Hands In!

Damn, Knuckles By Reddit user MrQuicksilver.

Grand Theft Accidentally 12

Grand Theft Accidentally

Might as well Jump! By Delicious Cyan.

Heavy is Dovahkiin 6

Heavy is Dovahkiin

And now the joke is dead. By DanHarolds, submitted by Uzumakiclan45.

[VIDEO] Sonic Goes for a Walk 16

[VIDEO] Sonic Goes for a Walk

Sonic ’06 has had a lot of shit thrown on it, but it has some magic moments. By coodoo17, submitted by Someone Else

[VIDEO] Metal Gears Arising 10

[VIDEO] Metal Gears Arising

Still a better Snake than Kiefer. By Norman Tweeter

Modern Action Games vs Dark Souls 38

Modern Action Games vs Dark Souls

A completely fair assessment. By George Alexopoulous.  

[VIDEO] Crash Does a Thing 87

[VIDEO] Crash Does a Thing

Mario may have set the standard for crushing things, but when it comes to getting the job done, Crash is a little bit more of a perfectionist. Via Psy and Dave.