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[VIDEO] Climactic Failure 9

[VIDEO] Climactic Failure

I guess Trevor couldn’t make the trip. By HelixSnake, submitted by PSI Something.

Grand Theft Accidentally 12

Grand Theft Accidentally

Might as well Jump! By Delicious Cyan.

Heavy is Dovahkiin 6

Heavy is Dovahkiin

And now the joke is dead. By DanHarolds, submitted by Uzumakiclan45.

[VIDEO] Sonic Goes for a Walk 16

[VIDEO] Sonic Goes for a Walk

Sonic ’06 has had a lot of shit thrown on it, but it has some magic moments. By coodoo17, submitted by Someone Else

[VIDEO] Metal Gears Arising 10

[VIDEO] Metal Gears Arising

Still a better Snake than Kiefer. By Norman Tweeter

[VIDEO] Crash Does a Thing 87

[VIDEO] Crash Does a Thing

Mario may have set the standard for crushing things, but when it comes to getting the job done, Crash is a little bit more of a perfectionist. Via Psy and Dave.