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[VIDEO] Pyro’s Night at Freddy’s

The only thing scarier than being trapped in a building with murderous animatronic robots, is being trapped with an insane pyromaniac.

Super Smash Bros. Source 451

Super Smash Bros. Source

Only in dreams. By crazyhalo.

Heavy Goes to the Store 19

Heavy Goes to the Store

Talk about a heavy need. By Ferhod.

Engie Work 25

[NEWS] Breaking Things In!

So for once… it seems like we’ve had a successful server move! Still checking out a few things, and backing up literally years of emails… but for the most part things seem to be working! However if you notice anything weird on the site, it may be worth mentioning in the comments! As for what’s coming next… well you’ll have to wait and see! However I would like to hear in the comments from those of you who may have interested in working directly on the site in the future. So lemme know if you’re still out there!

Heavy’s Falcon Punch 18

Heavy’s Falcon Punch

Happy Falcon Friday, everyone. By marothon90, submitted by Code Phoenix.

Mann vs. Machine – The Sound of Medicine 17

Mann vs. Machine – The Sound of Medicine

Looks like Mann vs Machine is getting a new update.  Are your body parts ready?

Booletproof – La Heavy 28

Booletproof – La Heavy

I am heavy weapons guy, I make little babies cry. By thatscoutisaspy, submitted by Bry-Tai.

Scream Fortress 2013 audio clips 56

Scream Fortress 2013 audio clips

The time has finally come, the TF2 Universe has been ponified. Submitted (first) by Paulrus-Keaton.