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British Boxing Etiquette 101 45

British Boxing Etiquette 101

A true gentleman need not remove his gloves! I heard he learned from the master. By BrokenTeapot, submitted by AManWithACloak

Street Fighter X Tekken Secret Characters 137

Street Fighter X Tekken Secret Characters

So they announced a few secret characters for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken crossover fighting game… and the biggest surprise is probably Mega Man! Or should I say, the creepy middle-aged Mega Man 1 boxart Mega Man. Fred seemed to be pretty weirded out by this, but I think he’s kinda awesome! While they’re at it maybe they should throw in the tiny green deformed Captain N Mega Man too?



Hmm, is it still a fatality if you decapitate an android? Well I guess they counted against those robot ninjas in MK3… Now on to the comments where everyone will make obligatory Austin Power’s “head jokes.”