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Halolzween 2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest Runners-Up 26

The Halolzween 2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest Runners-Up!

Yes, finally… I have some contest runners-up to post! Sorry for the delay but Fred and I were out of town until Nov 7th for Youmacon and we fell a bit behind! It was a tough decision as we had a lot of favorites, but we decided to limit ourselves to ten runners-up this year: Uber Pimpkin by CG Nyan Over The Moon by ZombieFembot Gish Pumpkin by OmeletGood Hey Listen! by Kyasuri Item Triforce by LadyFiede TF2 Scream Fortress Pumpkin by K-Stop GLaDOS by Sussi The Crashers by Saxon216 Haberdashpionage by UDNTNOME Locust Meatshield by XV Mr 14 VX These folks all win a shirt of their choice from Level Up Studios! Again, there were many more favorites we would’ve liked to pick… but we really had to limit ourselves! However if you submitted an entry this year and included a mailing address you’ll be receiving a small bonus prize just for entering! Congrats to everyone for another successful year of vegetable artistry! You guys are truly amazing!

Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries 34

[HALOLZWEEN] 2010 Contest Entries

The entries are in! Behold this year’s crop of video game themed pumpkins! #1 – The Original Ghost Pump-kemon by Daniel Potvin #2 – This is Halloween! by Tom Palmen #3 – Homeworld by ceemdee #4 – Sonic/Knuckles Pumpkin by LeeFlippinGreene #5 – The Cake Is A Lie by Cubetony Licciardi #6 – inb4 “who?” by TCC #7 – Blue Knight by Kryfus #8 – Gengar by CornballCoder #9 – Pumpkin-Trap by Tom Palmen #10 – Beyond Good & Evil by ceemdee #11 – In Disguise Zoom by David Roy #12 – I was told we would be carving pumkin! by ChimpoDelFuego #13 – Prinny by kitamoo #14 – King Boo by Sussi #15 – Syndicate by ceemdee #16 – Day of the Tentacle by ceemdee #17 – Slimer by Sussi #18 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Pumpkin “Patch” by BBeast #19 – Spy Carvin My Pumpkin? NOPE by Tabetha Morango #20 – Red Dead Redemption by ceemdee #21 – Duskull by Ashley Randall #22 – Hitman by ceemdee #23 – GLaDOS Cake Core and Curiosity Core by LadyFiede #24 – PumpKoffin’ (Pumpkin Koffing) by GengarKing #25 – Creeper by ceemdee #26 – Mr. Bubbles by Gene Cole #27 – The Cake is a Lie… The Pumpkin is not. by Aaron “Ace” Hinds #28 – Reaper and Reapette by Sussi #29 – Pacman and Ghosts by Nick and Molly #30 – Halo: Reach Haunted Helmet by Nick Everson #31 – Fox McCloud by A Random Person #32 – Old Snake takes out an Enemy Soldier by suicid3clutch #33 – Max Payne 2 by ceemdee #34 – Pokéball by ChimpoDelFuego #35 – Oddworld by ceemdee #36 – The Isshu starters, all dressed up for Halloween! by Bridgette Rockette #37 – No King Rules Forever by Artais #38 – The Orange Spy by ChimpoDelFuego #39 – DeathSpank by ceemdee #40 – Castle Crashers Animal Orb Rammy by Nick #41 – Dungeon Keeper by ceemdee #42 – Costume Quest by ceemdee #43 – Guybrush by ceemdee Man,...

Magic The Gathering Sprite Art 40

Magic The Gathering Sprite Art

First you play card games, then you play target=”_blank”>card games on motorcycles… but after that what’s left for you to do? Recreate your favorite video game characters out of all those extra land cards, that’s what! By Dr. Von Krakenstein [from our friends at ALBOTAS]


[HALOWEEN] 2008 Pumpkin Extravaganza!

Well it took me a while to get them all sorted (also I was busy giving out candy to kids all evening and dressing my daughter up in a bee suit…) but here are the entries we received for the 2008 Pumpkin Carving Contest! Considering the short notice I gave everyone for this first year of doing it, I think the results were awesome! In fact, I thought they were so awesome that I’ve decided that all the entrants will be getting “Honorable Mention” status (which means a prize)! As for the first, second and third place winners… I’ll announce them in the next three posts! But for now, here’s a listing of the creators of these fine pumpkins, from top to bottom! Legend of Zelda Emblem By BananaDib and Dr. Falcon The Smashing Pumpkin By rocker23220 Toon Link By BananaDib and Dr. Falcon TF2 Engineer Patch By BananaDib and Dr. Falcon Hiiiiii!!!!! (Kirby) By Christian Felts Hey, Listen! By Matthew Terrell (Template by Scott Ramsoomair) Castle Crasher (Painted) By Akuma Kurai (Template by Scott Ramsoomair) SO… I HERD U LIEK MUDKIPS? By Paulrus Samus By Ian Wagner Luigi By PikaNoob Master Chief By 7he Red Castle Crashers Green Knight By Hariku (Template by Scott Ramsoomair) You Will DIE By FiercerDeity Can’t Let You Carve That… By Brandon Blakey Hollow By Lekonua Red Ring of DEATH! By BananaDib and Dr. Falcon Master Chief By Jeremy McClellan The Song of Time By BananaDib and Dr. Falcon Congrats again to everyone who entered! And stay tuned for the announcement  of the big winners!


Sword Crashers

Professorhazard digs hot four on four action! I imagine if Hyrule Castle got crashed this is what it’d look like!



My pal Dave had a great Castle Crashers related comic last week… I couldn’t help sharing it here!