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[VIDEO] Pyro’s Night at Freddy’s

The only thing scarier than being trapped in a building with murderous animatronic robots, is being trapped with an insane pyromaniac.

[VIDEO] Paperboy 3: The Hard Way 14

[VIDEO] Paperboy 3: The Hard Way

He was the greatest Paperboy they ever had… but now, he’s a PaperMAN. By SILVERMANIA

Soccer Flumps 32

Soccer Flumps

Give it a second. Uploaded by Leo Chen, submitted by Psyguy.



Capcom couldn’t see this coming. By Koeniginator.

Who Needs HM’s? 181

Who Needs HM’s?

What are those little trees made out of anyway? Something so tough you need to use specifically designed software to teach your team to cut it down! By Epifex

[VIDEO] Elizabeth’s Escort Mission 53

[VIDEO] Elizabeth’s Escort Mission

I was wondering why Elizabeth seemed like such an easy NPC to escort… turns out she was escorting your dumb ass around the entire time! By machinima [via Destructoid]

[VIDEO] NBA Motherfucking Jam 72

[VIDEO] NBA Motherfucking Jam

Are you ready for the SLAM JAM? By thatscoutisaspy, submitted by Andy Kluthe

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk 37

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk

From the ashes of our previous server, the spirit of Captain Falcon rises once again! Also I think this is our first ever DOTA2 related post? By swordzzzzz, submitted by Ted