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[VIDEO] Bomberman Does A Thing 14

[VIDEO] Bomberman Does A Thing

Boooooooommmmeeeeeermmmaaan! Another classic Does A Thing by Psy and Dave!

[COMIC] Glory to the Glitch 17

[COMIC] Glory to the Glitch

And it has brought us wealth and prosperity for ages. Rare Candy for all! From Rare Candy Treatment, submitted by smashpro1.

influence the growth of Uranus 46

influence the growth of Uranus

AverageGuyGreg‘s town name really started making things awkward, so in 2620 they finally changed it to end those jokes once and for all!

[VIDEO] Elizabeth’s Escort Mission 53

[VIDEO] Elizabeth’s Escort Mission

I was wondering why Elizabeth seemed like such an easy NPC to escort… turns out she was escorting your dumb ass around the entire time! By machinima [via Destructoid]

[VIDEO] Poker Night at the Inventory 2 Trailer 114

[VIDEO] Poker Night at the Inventory 2 Trailer

Seems like an entertaining new group of miscreants! Hope they fix the actual poker part of the game this time…

Santa the Pedophile 93

Santa the Pedophile

Oh God… after all these years now Santa is the naughty one! By dragonnyxx

Diablo III Store Review 78

Diablo III Store Review

I was so good at clicking on skeletons… I was a legend! By ZombieDeath93

Whip it Good 84

Whip it Good

Thanksgiving is a lot of work for some families, but not the Belmonts! A special holiday themed brentalfloss: the comic!