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Scream Fortress 2013 audio clips 56

Scream Fortress 2013 audio clips

The time has finally come, the TF2 Universe has been ponified. Submitted (first) by Paulrus-Keaton.

[VIDEO] Two Best Sisters Play – Resident Evil 4 81

[VIDEO] Two Best Sisters Play – Resident Evil 4

Somehow, Resident Evil 4 is better with ponies. By 2Snacks, submitted by Jimmy

Red Derp Redemption 82

Red Derp Redemption

Ironic… normally it’s the horses in Red Dead Redemption that act all derpy. By Smashinator

MLP on NES 113


They say everything’s better with ponies? Even NES classics? And of course Rarity’s Tears is a reference to Psyguy’s musical parody of the same name! By foolyguy

Halo: Finish the Friendship 174

Halo: Finish the Friendship

I heard Bungie let go of the Halo license to work exclusively in the field of MLP games! By FlavinBagel, submitted by Masterluigi452



May as well get your weekly dose of Pony’s out of the way early! For reference, Daring Do is the new Indiana Jones of MLP… Artist unknown

[VIDEO] Ponies Invade Your Video Games 133

[VIDEO] Ponies Invade Your Video Games

It’s 3am on a Monday night… time to post some goddamn ponies! Why has MLP invaded so many video games recently? I dunno I just work here! Anyway if you don’t like My Little Pony, you may as well just stop reading right now! Those Fluttershy’s are as fearsome as they are adorable! By XtremeScope [via Destructoid] At first I couldn’t figure out why Rarity was visiting TF2. Then I realized, no other game has more fashionable hats! By MovieMowDown, submitted by Sam W. Not exactly the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny, but an interesting matchup none-the-less! By RageNineteen, submitted by Jamie S. Yes. Castlevania remixes about Rarity. Sure, why not? By our buddy PsyGuy, submitted by KeyBlader1 And of course I can never get enough Rhythm Heaven… By JackyFappy I think that fills our pony quota for the next three weeks, right?

[VIDEO] GLaDOS reads a letter to Princess Celestia 141

[VIDEO] GLaDOS reads a letter to Princess Celestia

Sorry for the lack of updates, we were pretty busy at MAGFest! Enjoy this follow up to the previous MAGFest video!