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[VIDEO] Spyro Does A Thing 33

[VIDEO] Spyro Does A Thing

Being a hero ain’t easy. Or cheap! By Psyguy and CrikeyDave

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk 37

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk

From the ashes of our previous server, the spirit of Captain Falcon rises once again! Also I think this is our first ever DOTA2 related post? By swordzzzzz, submitted by Ted

[VIDEO] Nintendohemian Rhapsody 51

[VIDEO] Nintendohemian Rhapsody

Classic games… and classic music! By Pat the NES Punk & brentalfloss, submitted by smashpro1

[GAMES] Professor Cat’s Mazing Machine 32

[GAMES] Professor Cat’s Mazing Machine

You may recall a while back I posted about a Kickstarter by our friend Mike who was developing a puzzle game for iOS called Professor Cat’s Mazing Machine. Well I wanted to let everyone know that it’s now available in the iTunes Store for a mere 99 cents! Too pricey you say? Well that’s crazy talk… but just in case you are so broke you can’t buy a $1 puzzle game for your $400 iPhone, I’m going to hide some codes in the comments of this post for some free copies! Enjoy! And hey if you like the game, tell your friends!