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Wolfenstein 1-D 59

[GAME] Wolfenstein 1-D

Click here to play! Finally, one of the greatest PC’s classic games in it’s purest form! Be sure to save that ammo for one dimensional Robo-Hitler! By WONDER-TONIC, submitted by Paulrus

[GAME] Super Press Space To Win Action RPG 166

[GAME] Super Press Space To Win Action RPG

It kind of worries me how much this feels like every RPG I’ve ever played from the NES up… By Rhete

Quest to Nowhere: Summer Days 21

[GAME] Quest to Nowhere: Summer Days

Hey guys, you remember Mike who used to work on the site? Yeah me neither! Well anyway he’s got a video game he needs you to play! This game was created as his masters thesis and he needs some people to give it a playthrough and complete a small survey at the end! Are you a bad enough bro to try this experimental comic book video game? I hope so! Give it a whirl here: Quest to Nowhere: Summer Days Thanks!

[GAME] SpongeBob SquarePants Boat-O-Cross 211

[GAME] SpongeBob SquarePants Sadistically Hard Boat-O-Cross

Play this ridiculous game here! Why would we feature a Nickelodeon flash game here on the site? Because this is probably the cruelest, most difficult game ever to be unleashed on little kids! If you can score over 400 points on this I will be impressed. Also there are apparently levels but I don’t think any human has ever passed level 1 EVER. From Nickelodeon Asia, found by Scott

[VIDEO] Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Ryu Hayabusa Trailer 51

[VIDEO] Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Ryu Hayabusa Trailer

Overpowered much? Still, I’m really looking forward to playing Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu in Exploding Rabbit’s Super Mario Bros. Crossover! I mean seriously… ninjas make everything better!

Google Pac-Man 114

[GAME] Google Pac-Man

Well, that was a surprise! If you stop by Google today you’ll notice that they’re celebrating Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary with a playable Google stage! Check it out! Protip: Insert two coins to add Ms. Pac-Man as a second player! Submitted by MasqueNoMercy

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 88

[GAME] Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Finally my dream of playing through the original Super Mario Bros. with Mega Man (and every other one of my favorite NES heroes) can come true! (Click here to play) Thanks Exploding Rabbit!