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The Discovery of Pokemon 31

The Discovery of Pokemon

Oh that poor dog. Via Dorkly, submitted by smashpro1.  

The Lord of the Ocarinas 46

The Lord of the Ocarinas

Who needs six sages when you’re got the most badass white wizard in Middle Earth? From Tumblr, submitted by Sadface

God vs Notch 82

God vs Notch

Nobody’s perfect! By ozzymustaine

Star Fox Ukiyo-e 60

Star Fox Ukiyo-e

The great fox spirit and his companions can defend the Cornerian people from any threat! By Ukiyo-e Heroes, submitted by Kari Fry

Crazy Cat Lady in Minecraft 59

Crazy Cat Lady in Minecraft

Yes you can have too many cats, even in Minecraft! By donttelljoseph (custom skin here)

The PokéMiracle of Life 87

The PokéMiracle of Life

When it comes to Pokémon childbirth, logic gets thrown to the curb. Artists unknown.

The Legend of Cucco 73

The Legend of Cucco

Necessity (and repeated pecking injuries) is the mother of invention! By DjBisparulz, submitted by Sebastian M.

[VIDEO] Meet the Dogbread 70

[VIDEO] Meet the Dogbread

Your guess is as good as mine… all I know is now I have to add another map to our TF2 servers! By tf2fubar, submitted by MegaMan