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Hipster Sonic / Watch Dogs Sonic 82

Sonic’s New Scarf

Needless to say, fans haven’t been thrilled with Sonic’s new “Sonic Boom” redesign… but at least that scarf gives him some new ways to accessorize! Hipster Sonic by Kriken and Watch Dogs Sonic by Chris Person

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Piledriver 17

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Piledriver

When he’s got that much momentum, Zangief’s spinning piledriver is basically just a one-hit K.O.

Ascension of the Jackdaw 39

Ascension of the Jackdaw

The more I see of Assassin’s Creed IV, the more I think Ubisoft fired their QA team. By whacken blight, sent in by Ted.

The Bancast #67 – Goodbye, Gen 7 4

The Bancast #67 – Goodbye, Gen 7

Click Here to Listen On this extra long Bancast we take a look back on the launches and lifespans of the seventh generation of home video game consoles. Come, stay a while and listen.

[VIDEO] Climactic Failure 9

[VIDEO] Climactic Failure

I guess Trevor couldn’t make the trip. By HelixSnake, submitted by PSI Something.


[NEWS] Halo 3 Community Play Date

Guys, we don’t hang out enough. One might hazard to say “at all”, but that guy would be a jerk. Halo 3 is currently free on XBox 360 for XBL Gold users, and since it’s the game that this entire site was originally created from, what better time to jump on and play? Don’t have XBox Live? Sign up here and get a free month of XBL Gold. Then go get Halo 3 free. Don’t have an XBox 360? Well, that’s a little rough, but we’ll be streaming off and on all day, with a functional chat room, so you can at least interact with each other. So get on your XBox, and shoot me a message at “ThatsMyTrunks“, and I’ll add you to the party. It all starts right now!